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HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. is an exclusive residential cleaning company by design to support the busy lifestyles of today offering 100% Clean Guaranteed, consistent quality workmanship, reasonable rates, and on-demand flexibility to adapt to individualized cleaning plans that suit each homeowner/investor.



There is no term to this agreement between the client and HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. You may cancel your service at any time. HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. also reserves the right to cancel your service at any time.  We will provide the highest level of professional cleaning service guaranteed. The staff at HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. are fully trained in the proper use of our chemicals and equipment. We offer continued education to our staff to maintain the highest level of service.  We provide all cleaning supplies, The Dyson vacuum cleaner, and equipment. Should you wish for us to use one of your products, please notify the office. If you request your supplies or equipment, including vacuum cleaners, you agree not to hold HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. or any of its personnel responsible for damage to any article or component.


Trip Fees, 

A trip fee only occurs if an appointment is missed due to the client not rescheduling before the appointed time of service. The trip fee is $25. If a client is not going to be home during a scheduled cleaning appointment, it should be mentioned to the service professional ahead of time to avoid a trip fee. If the cleaning service appointment cannot be kept, please call the office to reschedule. We require at least 24 hours notice in advance in order to avoid a trip fee. 



Honeydo Cleaning Inc. wants your housecleaning experience with us to be professional and affordable. Our rates start at $55/hour plus tax during your first-time cleaning. After the initial cleaning, the rate drops substantially as HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. will tailor a plan  

to fit your family’s needs and budget. Note: We have a 3 hour minimum to schedule any job. You may still schedule a service for under 3 hours but will be charged at our promotional rate of $25 hourly, ($75 plus tax for three hours or less. Any service performed after 3 consecutive weeks will be charged as a first-time clean (by the hour).


Air Conditioner Filter,

To receive your free AIC condensing unit cleaning and air filter changing, you must be a recurring client of HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. You must also provide the air filter, a water hose and outdoor water access. If the inside air handler or furnace is located in the attic, there must be an accessible entry way. HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. will also pick-up and deliver the AIC air filter. (see policy for running errands)  


Laundry service,

The client must provide washer, dryer and laundry detergent. If the service professional is to take the laundry off-site (for example, to a dry-cleaner or Laundromat), an additional $15 fee applies. (see policy for Running Errands)  *A load is a standard size basket full of clothes, linens, etc. We are not responsible for any washer or dryer that incounters any problems or brakedowns that may occur while attempting to wash or dry clothes. Laundry is $15 per load.



In order to maintain your regular service (weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, etc.), an appointment may only be rescheduled within your scheduled service timeframe. For example, if you are a weekly client and need to reschedule, the rescheduled date of service will need to be within 48 hours of the original scheduled date. This will ensure the client's status and the exclusive discounts included in the client's agreement with HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. If you must reschedule outside the allotted time frame, arrangements may be made with HoneyDo Cleaning Inc.


Cleaning supplies,

All house cleaning companies still use chemicals that are not considered environmentally friendly and this is because some things just cannot be cleaned using an all-natural cleaning product. For instance, if one is dealing with hard water spots built up on their shower glass walls, they would need an acid based cleaner which is the best way to clean them. HoneyDo CLeaning Inc. provides all cleaning supplies and equipment, (we use the Dyson Vacuum Cleaner exclusively). If the customer wishes for our staff to use their preferred cleaning agent please call the office to inform them of what you would like for the cleaners to use.


Serivce Professionals & Man Hours,

HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. will sometimes send a team of two or more service professionals to clean your home. Two service professionals cleaning for 2 hours each is the same as (4) man hours of work performed in the home and will be charged 4 hours total.


Vacuum cleaners,

At HoneyDo cleaning inc., we care about your health and the cleanliness of your home and that is why we will only use the Dyson vacuum cleaner.


Running errands,  

HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. runs errands at a rate of $15.00/hour plus $2.00 per mile. NOTE: If HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. will be delivering a package of any sort, HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. reserves the right to know what it is we are delivering. This is to protect our service professionals and HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. from illegal distribution of any kind.  


Referrals & Free Cleanings,

Upon the 5th cleaning of a client’s home who was referred by you, HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. will clean your home at your next scheduled cleaning for free, this will occur every time you refer a customer to HoneyDo Cleaning Inc, another way to receive a free cleaning is to refer three or more  customers to HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. within a single calander year.



Please make sure our cleaning team has access to your home on cleaning day. Most of our customers provide us with a key. Customers keys are kept secured and are not attached to any name, address or any other identifying information.  


Security Alarms,

If your home is equipped with an alarm system, please be sure it is in the off or unarmed position prior to our arrival.  


Extra Work/HoneyDo List

Cleaning teams follow our standard HoneyDo Cleaning Checklist and also specific instructions on the honeydo list customized for your home. Please let us know at least 24 hours in advance for any additional needs.  



Our staff are pet friendly but appreciate your help in making sure pets are secured and safe on cleaning days. Our office should be made aware of any special requirements in safeguarding your pets.



Unfortunately, Due to the individual care that plants require we are not able to maintain them.  



Payment is due on the day of services. We accept Cash, Checks, Visa, Mastercard, & Discover. A $35.00 fee will be assessed for any checks returned by your bank. All prior balances must be cleared before the next service. Any other arrangements need to be made in advance of service. While payment on completion for one-time jobs may be made with any option above we do require a credit card on file to schedule service.


Alert System,

Our Alet System or Confirmation Call system is a free service to you and must be requested by you, (the customer), at time of scheduling the service.


Credit Cards,

We require a credit card on file to schedule any service.We accept Cash, Checks, Visa, Mastercard, & Discover.


Book More Save More,

The Book More Save More deal only works if the customer books an appointment for our professional home cleaning services for 4 seperate events to recurr within a single calandar year.  Only good for first time customers of HoneyDo Cleaning Inc.

Security/ entry,

Most customers give us a key to their home or a code to the garage, however, other methods of entry can be agreed upon. Security is a major concern at HoneyDo Cleaning Inc.. Our policy is to lock the door while we are inside the home and to not allow access to unknown persons. For safety reasons please don’t rely on our cleaning professionals to let in workmen during the time we are in your home.  


Cleaning fee increases,

HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. reserves the right to re-evaluate rates at any time based on the time it is taking to perform our service to meet the Client’s expectations. We will monitor the actual cleaning time for the first two months and occasionally thereafter. We will contact you to discuss possible price or service revisions if the cleaning time differs drastically from the original bid.


Skipped or missed cleaning visits,

If you skip a cleaning, a weekly or monthly visit, additional time may be required to clean and you may be charged at our hourly rate for the extra time needed to complete the job.  


Cancellations/ lockout fees,

We understand schedules change. Last minute cancellations or same day cancellations are subject to a $25 cancellation fee. The same fee will be charged if we cannot gain access to your home when cleaners arrive. In addition, if we wait for you to open the door to the property this time will assessed to your final payment. We need at least 24 hours notice prior to any cancelations in order to avoid a $25 service fee.



If someone in your home is sick (contagious) please contact our office and we will be happy to reschedule your cleaning.



While we make every effort not to break or damage items, accidents do happen. Identical replacement is always attempted but not guaranteed. For this reason we request all irreplaceable items (whether monetarily or sentimentally valued) be stored and/or not cleaned by our staff. HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. must be notified within 24 hours of service if damage is discovered. Our personnel are instructed to call our office if anything is damaged and leave a note to you advising you of the incident. We reserve the option of repair or replacement before a monetary settlement. HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. is not responsible for damage due to faulty and/or improper installation of items, or for maintenance of your home (normal wear and tear that comes with age and use). Please inform us if any items in your home are broken or improperly installed such as; blinds, tiles, curtain rods, loose carpet etc. All surfaces (marble, granite, etc.) are assumed sealed and ready to clean without causing harm. HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. takes responsibility for breakage or damage caused by our staff, not to exceed $500.00, or your homeowner’s insurance policy deductible.


Cannot Clean,  

We have instructed our staff to leave certain items untouched, such as items or areas containing any body fluids or excretions and litter boxes. If your pet has an accident or vomits, it will be your responsibility to clean it up, our teams are advised to clean around these areas. Seasonal insect infestation can also be a problem and may prevent us from completely cleaning your home. If ants, termites, roaches, fleas, etc., are encountered we will not clean or vacuum the area. We will leave you a note, or call you regarding the problem. If you have other items you prefer not cleaned or handled, please call the office and we will arrange to avoid those items. Our employees cannot climb higher than a 8' ladder, work on the outside of your home, move furniture that contains electronics, lift any objects over 20 pounds, prepare meals, or provide any pet or childrenrelated services.


Hiring of HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. staff,

All of our employees

have signed a Non-Compete agreement with HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. They are prohibited from soliciting business from any client on his/her own behalf or on behalf of any third party during their employment with HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. or for 2 years following termination of employment, without written approval from HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. and a possible placement fee of $1,000.00. You agree not to hire past or present employees of HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. for a period of not less than 2 years from the date the employee last worked for HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. A great deal of time and resources are put into hiring our staff. In the event you feel you must hire an employee of HoneyDo Cleaning Inc. in spite of this agreement, then a $2500.00 placement fee is due immediately upon employment of the past/present employee, regardless of whether the employment is regular or on a contract basis.



Although gratuity is not expected or required, the team members certainly welcome it! A great way to show the team your appreciation is with gratuity. The amount of gratuity is split equally among the members of the team. You may leave a cash gratuity for the team (preferred method) or add the gratuity to your payment by specifying the amount on the check/credit card



In severe weather, we may determine it is not safe to travel and/or carry equipment and supplies to your home and cancel that day’s service. When this occurs, we will try to reschedule. Please assist us with your understanding in rescheduling.



We generally do not provide service on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. However, we will do our best to accommodate with advance notice. Our rate will double on these days. During those weeks our schedule is very full, you may wish to contact our office 3-4 weeks ahead of time to schedule your cleaning.


While in your home,

We guarantee our employees will not smoke, drink, eat, watch TV, have personal phone or text conversations, or listen to the radio in the homes they are cleaning.


Clean Guaranteed,

We offer a clean guarantee and the highest level of cleaning service. If you’re not satisfied with your home cleaning we will return to your home promptly and correct any problems at no additional cost. **we need to know within 24 hours of your house cleaning in order to return to your home and correct any problems**


Clean Garanteed vrs. Satisfaction Garanteed,

In the state of Texas if a company uses the term "Satisfaction Garanteed" and a customer is not satisfied with the work or product then the customer is intitled to all of thier money back. Clean Garnateed means we will return to you to make things right but cannot give a refund of any money paid for the service. We do not offer a product that can be returned to us for a full refund but rather we offer a service that cannot be returned to the hands of the service professional who did the work.


Hourly Rates vrs. Recurring Rates,

If we are cleaning your home for the first time chances are we are cleaning for you at an hourly rate as we do all first time cleans by the hour. If you are not satisfied with the cleaning once the initial cleaning is performed we will come back and complete the job at the same hourly rate you were quoted during the initial cleaning. If you are a recurring customer and you are not satisfied with the cleaning on any given cleaning day we will return to you and correct any problems at no additional cost.


We are pet friendly

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